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Understanding about Zen Blogs

The interest in blogging and blogs has greatly increased with time. Most blogs are personal and the content is presented in a certain chronological order. Most bloggers aim to be influential agenda setters. Blogs should help to facilitate communication between and among individuals. They mostly focus on particular topics including love, politics, and life. Through blogs people can build on their expertise while growing their online reach. To get more info, visit caregiver seniors Buddhist stroke awareness.Sally in the Zen is an example of a family blog that expose content related to love, life, and the Zen way to broader audiences.

Sally in the Zen comprises of Zen Master, Sally, and Zen Mum. Zen Master is a lifelong Buddhist who is a stroke survivor. Through Zen Master, Sally in the Zen blogs will be able to raise stroke awareness. Zen Master loves apple tart cakes, salmon, and cruises. Zen Mum is the quiet one among the three. Sally is an anxious and non-bald Zen Buddhist and a caregiver. Sally is the senior content creator and the writer for the Sally in the Zen blogs.

Sally in the Zen is slowly recreating its content and this gives the blogging site an opportunity of revisiting some old stuff. By recreating some of its content, Sally in the Zen is able to access how far the blogging page has come since its inception which is 2010. Learn more about Blogs. Sally focuses on blogging about the tales of her quest to discover Zen moments every single day as a caregiver of Zen Mum and Zen Master.
For Sally in the Zen, the writing process begins with blank canvas.

The blogging page gets different ideas to write on for personal blogs or Medium from a blank canvas. It is always difficult to know where a person can begin since there are many things to write about. The blogging process mostly begins with picturing the different colors of the various scenes associated with the things the site would like to share. The process of picturing the different scenes in the head helps to create a visual image that makes it easy to communicate the intended message.
Sally in the Zen mostly blogs about Zen mum and Zen master and the things that occur in their lives. Since Sally is their caregiver and daughter, her parents act as her muse for everything or inspiration. Zen Mum and Zen master are the idea generators for the blog posts. In some cases, Sally blogs about the things that matter to her, what drives her crazy, and what makes her desire to scream.

Sally who is the writer and content creator in Sally in the Zen is a committed blogger who never turns back. Sally in the Zen’s true audience comprises of the Universe and herself. Sally in the Zen has big dreams about starting a podcast. The podcast was meant to lend an actual voice to Sally in the Zen family blog. Sally in the Zen managed to work on five different episodes successfully, but her laptop crashed so she had to start all over again. Sally in the Zen aims to expose content related to love, life, and the Zen way to broader audiences.

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